Educational Technology Course Descriptions

EDT 650 Foundations of Educational Technology
This course is designed to ensure that students have the foundational technology skills required to begin an educational technology program. Students will begin to build on these skills as they learn more intermediate and advanced techniques using Wiki's, Blogs, and Google Docs. The students will also learn strategies to prepare them for the organization of and eventual completion of an electronic portfolio that demonstrates their proficiency in the Wisconsin Professional Educator Standards. Additional educational websites and Web 2.0 may be used in the educational setting will also be evaluated. Students will also learn the basic skills necessary to complete coursework in an online learning environment.

EDT 652 Innovations in Education
This course examines the trends and issues of education in the age of technology. Students will analyze various aspects of teaching the digital learner in an online environment. Students will participate in online discussions of key talking points pertaining to learning theories, curriculum connections with standards, pedagogy, assessments, student-teacher-parent collaboration and 21st century skills. Students will also interact with assigned web sites and conduct research.

EDT 654 Educational Telecommunications
Students will develop skills in using the tools of telecommunications to communicate and collaborate with others, access information, and apply their expertise in schools, classrooms, and graduate studies. Students will learn to use telecommunications responsibly and become articulate spokespersons on issues related to educational telecommunications and the changing role and nature of information. Course content also addresses the features of an effective Web site, the use of software tools to design, develop, and publish Web sites for educational use, and ideas for incorporating Internet educational resources within the classroom.
EDT 655 Developing Grant Proposals Integrating Technology
This course will provide practical experience in researching, planning, budgeting, reporting, and evaluating grant proposals integrating technology. Students will engage in individual and group inquiry with an opportunity to read and respond to texts and documents. Emphasis will be on analytical thinking, problem solving, and persuasive writing to obtain funding for project initiatives.

EDT 658 Teaching and Learning with Multimedia
This course focuses on the use of multimedia technology as an innovative teaching and learning strategy. As a teaching tool, multimedia technology offers a medium that addresses multiple intelligences. As a learning tool, multimedia is a constructivist approach where the students actively participate in their own learning process and construct their own knowledge as they design dynamic multimedia products using various presentation programs. The course will encourage hands-on participation and group learning as the students research the Internet and use peripheral devices such as video cameras and digital cameras to create multimedia presentations. Students will also learn about multimedia project planning, assessment tools, and theoretical knowledge that will enable them to effectively apply these strategies in the K-12 classroom to enhance both teaching and learning.

EDT 661 Educational Hardware and Systems Support
Students will learn about the technical aspects of the computer, hardware, and operating systems. The goal is to enhance the knowledge of troubleshooting, networking, and maintenance and repair while actively involved in hands-on activities and demonstrations. Students learn to prevent and solve basic technical problems and function more effectively in an educational setting.

EDT 672 Teaching and Learning On-line
This online course teaches the pedagogy, methodology, and facilitation methods necessary for effective instruction in the online environment. The student will learn about the technology tools used to create and maintain online courses, explore samples of online courses, learn best practices for online teaching and learning, and develop their own online learning environment.

EDT 674 Learning with Technology: Effective Strategies
This course will provide practical experience in curriculum planning, implementation, and evaluation strategies, which incorporate the use of various technologies. The focus will be on making informed decisions about content, skills, and ways to use technology to supplement, enhance, and extend curriculum and learning and teaching strategies for our 21st century learners.

EDT 678 Electronic Portfolio: Development & Assessment
Students will create an electronic portfolio, selecting from a variety of strategies for development, organization, storage and presentation. Students will also examine the use of digital portfolios for the classroom as well as reading assignments, issues, and research on electronic portfolio development for a variety of ages and situations, including useful criteria for evaluating portfolios based on national or local standards.

EDT 704 Contemporary Topics in Educational Technology: Integrating iPads in the Classroom
Students will learn how to use the iPad and iTunes for delivering differentiated curriculum to learners and allow teachers to expand learning beyond the classroom. Students will gain knowledge of the capabilities of the iPad to promote student literacy,
address diverse learners, motivate struggling readers as well as support their own professional development. Students will experience the web, email, photos, and videos on a multi-touch screen with the option of 3Gservice.